maandag 22 mei 2017

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy issue 90

Past weekend I picked up this magazine because I wanted to have something to read in the first place, but I wanted to grab "a" wargame magazine for... the adverts!

Now you might boggle at this, but bear with me...

I just returned to the hobby, and while I could scour the internet and forums and the likes, I preferred to buy one of those glossy magazines (still) out there, and see at adverts to get a feel which companies still exist, what they do these days... that sort of things.

Now, there are 3 mainstreet publications out there currently with Wargames Illustrated, Wargames Soldiers & Strategy and Miniature Wargames (4 if you count White Dwarf even, and I saw a fantasy / sci-fo wargame boardgame and figures magazine as well but the name escapes me), and after reading on some blogs I follow, WSS seemed to be the best around at the moment.

So even while the main theme of the month, being World War 1, didn`t intrest me in the least (I tend to say I love gaming the period between the two civil wars: from ECW to ACW), I read through the issue with great intrest and looks for eye candy.

Now personally, the article I enjoyed the most are the "columns" to be precise the one talking about Line infantry (period of intrest) and the one about running a club.

The smoke marker article was lovely, but I`m restoring armies at the moment, scenery and whotnot's shall have to wait quite a while still, and the 2mm article was intresting as just recently I saw those in Napoleonics over at TSA.  To small for me though, I`ll draw the line at 6mm.

But the issue did serve it's purpose, as many a manufacturer has been bookmarked by now to gradually "pay a visit" ;-)

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