zondag 7 mei 2017

Haul Report 80

Hello everyone to another episode of my weekly hauling series!

This week, it has been one where I took full advantage of a lovely promotion over on the Warlord website.

I am investing in rulebooks at the moment, the one thing that didn`t really stood the test of time when I quit before, and I ordered the Black Powder rulebook, together with it`s American Civil War expansion.  Both books came with an exclusive model, the Black Powder one with the highlander on the cover, the ACW one with a sniper model.

But the main book, costing 30 GBP, had an additional promotion at the moment, in that you could pick one box of plastics to go with it (from either the Napoleonics or the AWI range), so I duly went for a box of British infantry.  A great freebie of 18 pounds of value, making it 32 free models that came with the two rulebooks in total.

The other thing I purchased was some decoration sand for basing, which I can then overpaint to get texture on the bases.

Okay, needless to say, that evening I found out about Vallejo textured paints...

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