woensdag 24 mei 2017

The Flash season 3

Another season, another Wells... yes, it seems Tom Cavanagh gets to play another (excellent) alternate version of himself.

But this third season kicks off with a comic classic: the Flashpoint.

As Barry had returned to change the past, he quickly learns he can`t change what has to be.  But upon his return, many people have been affected in some way by him, including Wally who was Kid Flash in Flashpoint, but powerless in this timeline.

So Wally joins The Alchemist, a metahuman creator working for the ultimate god of speed, Savitar.  In a vision of the future, Barry sees how Iris gets killed by him, and now he tries everything to change this possible future... with a rather predictable finale unfortunatly.

The Flash used to be the fun show of the Arrowverse, but this place has been taken by Legends of Tomorrow, and this season of the scarlet speedster has become far grittier and darker.  Which isn`t a good thing.

It was still an okay season, but not really more then that, as it falls in repetition over the years, but we can only hope that the fourth season will take a serious change for the better again.

Another season, another Wells...

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