donderdag 4 mei 2017

Bound / Discipline

Following on the hype of 50 Shades and those kinds of books and movies, this film from 2014 enters the same world of erotical power play.

A thriller / drama movie, it stars Charisma Carpenter (Buffy / Angel), one of the Baldwin brothers (Daniel) and a heap of unknown actors... who will probably stay that way after this flick.

A divorced mother works in the real estate company of her father, and they are facing a buy out by a rival company.  However, she stubbornly refuses, believing a merger instead would be far more beneficial to both parties.
At the same time she meets Ryan, who turns out to be a dominant and introduces her into a whole new world.  As he turns out to be a dangerous man, even going as far as seducing her under age daughter, she turns the tables on him...

Okay, so this was a BAD movie, and the whole "bdsm / 50 shades" style of stuff it is said to be build around, totals about 7 minutes from the whole 91 minute duration of the film.  The rest unfortunatly is a collection of bad acting, terrible camera work and immense plotholes.

It`s better to just avoid this one...

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