zondag 14 mei 2017

Haul Report 81

Welcome y'all to a new week of nice stuffsies obtained :-)

The main acquirement this week is the SAGA starter box from Gripping Beast, as I just don`t have the patience to await all the stripping and mix and matching for my older figures.

With this box, I can already take a "start" in both the game if I would pick up a round left or right, as well as serving as the base for the renewed Dark Age Irish force I possess.

I did a haul video on them as you can see above, but I also tried something entirely new, and that is to record and "unboxing" video of the actual boxed set, seen here:

At a local flea market, I gained some nice DVDs and BluRay's.  The Master and Commander one is a movie I always loved, and I prefer to have back up copies "just in case" for the ones I watch often.  Scratches etc you know, and it cost only 2 euro.
Centurion I didn`t know, and I have low expectations off, but it was a measly euro.  The Game of Thrones box was a steal.  I bought it from Koekie from TSA who had a stand there, and he asked a ful 2.5 euro for the 5 BluRay's containing box, something I couldn`t pass over.

That wasn`t the only stuff I gained though, as I also picked up some novels from the UK, all of them from the Warhammer range of novels.  You know, that kind of "light reading" for public transportation and such, before tossing them on the book exchange pile.

A nice little pile of variety, and until next week!

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