zondag 7 mei 2017

Age of Sigmar rulebook

The first of the rulebooks I`ve read through since restarting the hobby, this massive tome gets you playing in the "new style" of Warhammer.

The lore has completely evolved past the Old World I always knew and loved, into a set of realms based on the Winds of Magics.

And apparently, I missed out on a big party with the End Times, even though my guys seem to have "lost".

The 264 page hardcover book details on the origins of the new Lore, how Sigmar re-awoke and forged the newest realms, but Chaos intervened.  As a result, his newly created pantheon splinters, as many go their own way and into their realms.  But the warrior god strikes back, creating mighty warriors in the form of the Stormcast Eternals.  They attack Chaos and slowly awake the resistance against the dark god's oppressors.

After the Lore section, many scenarios are included, telling more of the lore as it goes as one refights historical moments in the freeing of the first two realms (Fire and Life).

The new rules in themselves are just a measly 4 pages, but there are in depth nuances as army books are released on the one hand, and all the "old" forces are available on the Games Workshop site as downloads to accompany the current range of models in their range.

All in all, this has evolved from a game with massed ranks into a skirmish game with basically if you want a rag-tag heap of all models in your collection.  Which for me isn`t necessarily a bad thing.
More "points fixed matches" and rules are in the General Handbook expansion, but that is for another time.

As always, the book is riddled with on the one hand fantastic artwork, and on the other hand "action pictures" of the miniatures.  A good read for the lore section, and easy to learn core rules, this is a nicely done rulebook, and a game I`ll definitly will get some games from under the belt with time.

But first, I need to paint a lot more hehehe...

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