vrijdag 19 mei 2017

Agents of SHIELD season 4

Central in this fourth season of the ABC series is the Darkhold, a magical book that contains secrets to great for the human mind to comprehend.

But the story is told in a rather original way.  This season was cut in three parts, and all had a different sub-theme, connected to the bigger picture.

And two well known Marvel superheroes and one villain made an entrance...

The first of course is the Ghost Rider, teased long before the series aired.  This version, Robby reyes, rides a Dodge Charger instead of a bike, but he is all spirit of vengeance and soon the team learns there are others out there who aren`t just Inhumans, but something far more sinister.

In the second storyline, the LMD`s, Live Model Decoys, make their grant entrance, and the new (on paper) director of SHIELD, Jeffrey Mace (yes, the Patriot indeed) plays more of a front role then in the first arc.  These decoys, developped by Fitz and Dr Ratcliffe, can provide stand in support for living humans, but the prototype, AIDA, wants more and creates The Framework, a virtual reality world based upon her stored knowledge of the Darkhold book.

The third arc has our heroes tied into the Framework, with Daisy and Gemma trying to free them from AIDA, or Madame Hydra.  This leads to encounters with people long gone (really, Ward, again...) but also some very different personalities for others, like Fitz, the evil doctor who does everything Hydra wants.

It was in my opinion the strongest series of Agents so far, with some really "wow" moments (again, Ghost Rider) and the third arc being really intresting in my opinion.

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