maandag 8 mei 2017

Dark Elves Witch Elves batch 1

A bit of painting I did last week, these are the first of the stack of Witch Elves (Aelves??) I`ll be painting for the Daughters of Khaine.

In total I`ll need 30 of them, divided over 2 units.  The main one, counting 20, will all be assembled from the old metals I have lying around.

The other will be of the new plastic sets, but as such, these girlies are from the "mid era" metals of Games Workshop (dunno, 6th or 7th they where released I believe).

I went for a pinkish haircut for them, as this contrasts nicely with the pale skin and the metallics of the armour and weapons.  Both swords and shoulderpads are often interwoven in the hair, so that allowed me to better seperate them.

And yes, I did paint them a bit "naughty" on purpose...

I kept the lava look for the bases consistent, as that way the whole Grand Alliance Order will be nicely drawn together.  Hope you like them!

And now I`ll be moving to my historics in the coming weeks, spanning a few era's, but you'll see :-)

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