maandag 1 mei 2017

Queen of the South

I always enjoyed watching series or movies while I paint, so now that the brushes are fired up again, so is the watch ratio.

One of the series from last year that picqued my intrest, was the drama series Queen of the South.

Based on a telenovella, this 13 episode long (first season, it has been renewed in the meantime), follows the rise of Teresa Mendoza.  A poor girl in Mexico who worked as a money changer in a brothel, she finds herself suddenly in possession of a drug lord's ledger.
She end up in Texas, where the wife, with whom the lord is having a business struggle, takes intrest in her and just why she is so important to her husband.

Teresa, using her skills of street smarts, quickly rises through the ranks and becomes the most powerful, female druglord of the United States and Mexico, with all the troubles that come along with this position, as she is now both wanted by the law, as a target for all budding drug cartels.

It is a change of "eye food" from my regular menu, and it was a really good series.  I for one am looking forward to the second season!

And of course, you can`t make a druglord series without bringing along Joaquim de Almeida ;-)

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