dinsdag 16 mei 2017

Planning the Irish Brigade... and more?

Now that I am about to start restoring my ACW regiments, I`ve decided to do it this time a bit more prepared, and focus in the first stage around the Irish Brigade (suprise suprise lol).

I decided to take the ORBAT of the Union at Fredericksburg to build my force, where the brigade was at it's height, and as such will expand to other parts of that Corps Division until it's all done at last.

Initially, that means of course that I`ll be using my Perry miniatures at a ratio of a box per regiment, giving me somewhere between 30 to 45 models per unit.  At a 1:10 ratio, this comes out at a realistic number of the actual regiment, and I`ll be basing them on single bases to accomodate for multiple rulesets.

Though the 116th Pennsylvania will require me to find another flag manufacturer, my regular one (still) hasn`t got that one in his range.

The initial stage will as such consist of the five regiments that make up the II Corps, 1st Division, 2nd Brigade, namely 28th Massachusetts, 63 New York, 69 New York (the Fighting 69), 88th New York and above mentioned 116th Pennsylvania.  By the way, the guy that leads the charge in the Gods and Generals movies, St Clair Mulholland, was an officer of the 116th.

The first expansion on this will be the two supporting artillery units, namely the Battery B, 1st New York Light (four Parrots) and Battery C, 4th United States (six 12pr Napoleons).

Now, the 2nd Corps, First Division where Hancock's men (yes, the one aslo seen at Gettysburg who held the line right at the Pickett Charge), so he and his entire command will then be the next to be made.

So that will be the core of my force I`m going to (re)build initially.

Afterwards, the first brigade under Caldwell and the third under Zook will get added in all probability, both consisting of a further 6 regiments.

So that will leave me with a full Division, and after that, well, I`ll start painting on the rest of the full corps, but that ain`t urgent just yet now.  Let`s say I aim to field the full corps in like 2020, and the Irish Brigade as soon as 2018 ;-)

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