zondag 21 mei 2017

Haul Report 82: mostly about books

Welcome to another Haul Report, and what a week it has been as my library pile was extended by no less then 28 new additions.

But that isn`t everything I obtained, so bear with me...

The main haul this week came of course from the Boekenfestijn event past friday, a huge fair where you can grab new books for a fraction of the price.  These are books from, well, end of lines, failed sales, or just plain overstocks, and my purchases averaged less then 3 euro per book.

You can see more about those particular books in this YouTube video I made for it:

But those weren`t the only books I obtained, as my second part of my AwesomeBooks order arrived past monday, with three more novels for the reading stack...

Of course, reading requires a certain style, and my parents already gave me my birthday present 1.5 months early.  A new vaper, in the form of a pipe, to vape in class now :-)

The final haul where miniatures, a Kickstarter pledge by Lancer Miniatures.  A small campaign to "pre-launch" there new ECW range, I take a more detailed look in the unboxing video below.

So a lovely week for sure, and now I`m off to go and have a read ;-)

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