zondag 21 mei 2017

Glory, Hallelujah! - Black Powder supplement

While Black Powder allows for gaming the American Civil War (ACW for short), this nearly 200 page expansion adds far more detail into it.

With the ACW always having been my main "historical gaming intrest", this was a tome I just needed to have for the collection.

The book, in high glossy quality and with a lot of figure driven pictures in it, is nicely made and a true eye candy book.  It follows the more or less standard build up for a wargame setting / scenario book, starting with a brief oversight of the war, both in the Western and Eastern theatre's.

Next we get the section with the era specific special rules.  Things like the "Rebel yell" or the "Seen the elephant" (survived long enough to throw away their lives now) are included and can be bought for the units in the points lists.

Which is in one go the next section of the book.  Generic army lists to cover both sides for each year of the war, and the selections being influenced by both the command ability (got better in the Union over the years as the war progressed) and motivation of the troops (which lessened as the Confederacy was slowly pushed back), an army from 1861 will differ greatly in quality from one drawn for 1864 scenarios.

There is a section of famous generals (yes, and the Confederates get the high end on those), as well as for special units of great reknown, like the Iron Brigade or the Irish Brigade.

The final section details 10 scenarios, some historical, some "generic" with a fictious title and generals.  Some of them have a sort of battle report with them (the Union doesn`t seem able to win even one of them oddly enough) and come with scenario and terrain specifics and maps.

It`s a nice rules expansion for sure, and one I might one day have a go at if my Corps has been restored for sure!

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