donderdag 18 mei 2017

Who let the dogs out?

The painting effort continues, and today I finished my first unit for SAGA, the Irish warhounds from the starter set.

Okay, admitted, they where the simplest to paint of the box... drybrushing dogs goes swift.

Now, apart from that, I always found Dark Ages models, and especially those from more "rural" armies like Picts, Scots or Irish, to paint fast.  Most of the time they just wear a tunic and a cloak after all, and not to much little details or bombastic gear as they where generally poor people.

The unit, which counts as a Warrior group in the rules (with a unit size of 8), is one of the novelty units of the force, and part of what makes them unique.  Though limited to a single entry, it is just one of those things you "need" to have in a Dark Ages Irish force for sheer visual appeal.

After assembling and undercoating the models, the first base layer was put on the beasts and the handler.

Next it was time to do some drybrushing on the furs, while a second layer was added to the handler for the highlights.

All that remained to be done then was to sand and paint the bases, and add a coat of matt varnish to complete the first unit of my SAGA warband as such.

Hope you like them!

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