vrijdag 26 mei 2017

Dead West

Yesterday was a holiday, so time for some lazy movie watching and figure painting.  And what better to start with then a good western.

I mean, look at that cover, that promises to be a nice tale of modern day gunslinging!

Well... except it wasn`t.

This is a road trip of a serial killer that seduces women left and right, then kills them if they don`t live up to his standards of being girlfriend material.  But when the brother of one of his victims sets out for revenge, this becomes a chase with a lot more bodies in it`s wake.

Now the funny thing is, this was a movie I had no expectations about except for it (wrongly) being "something with cowboys", yet it turned out to be one of those hidden gems.  For the almost two hour run of the film, I was following the screen intensively, so not much got painted in those hours, BUT...

Yes there is a but.  The movie "climaxes" around the 1hr15 mark, and the remainder of the time feels, well, "different" from the earlier part as it takes a strong turn and loses momentum.  This made it a bit of a pity, as what was turning out to be a great movie, makes it just a "rather good one" due to this in the end...

Still, it`s definitly worth watching!

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