zondag 7 mei 2017

The Last Kingdom season 1

Based on the Saxon stories of Bernard Cornwell, the Last Kingdom deals with how England was created under Alfred of Wessex to resist the Danes and their invasion.

Ironically, I didn`t knwo that when I started watching last week, and that same day I began book 5 of the series...

The season is based on the first two novels of the series, and follows how the (fictional) character of Uthred of Bebbanburg has his family murdered during the invasion of the danish.  He is adopted by one for his courage, and grows up as an anomaly.  On the one hand, he is seen by his adoptive people as still a Saxon, while the Saxon's see him as one of the invaders.

As England falls, one kingdom after another, he finds himself in the company of Alfred, King of Wessex and the last remaining kingdom not under Danish control.  After he saves him from a raid together with his newfound love, he enlists as a warlord and trains the armies to face off against the Danes.

I really enjoyed the series, which is at times unrightfully compared to Game of Thrones.  You know, furs, blood, big swords... less gratitious nudity luckily, this show is just plain fun.  Set against an historical background, this helps the history lover in me to enjoy it, but even the non-geeky will certainly enjoy watching the series.

But I do admit I liked the "Vikings" version of Alfred of Wessex far more...

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