maandag 29 mei 2017

GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords

In the same year the excellent Transformers: the Movie came out, 1986, this not so excellent movie of the GoBots also appeared.

While it was actually half a year earlier in theatres, contrary to the Transformers movie this hadn`t spend years in production, and it shows.

Basically a glorified extra long episode of the series, it did spawn it's own toyline featuring robots that changed into... rocks.  that hop along on the surface of their planet...

The film begins when an unidentified asteroid lands on GoBotron, and contains an emmisary looking to enlist the aid of the GoBots in their war against Lord Magmar.  The renegades intercept this message though, and Cy-Kill and his forces move to "aid" Magmar in an effort to steal his superweapon to be.

On the planet, a battle erupts between both sides, and even though Cy-Kill manages to obtain the weapon, it is to powerful for him to control, but Leader-1 defeats him and they are defeated, as the GoBots return to Gobotron.

Now, the GoBots weren`t a rip-off of the Transformers, and the toyline even debuted before the well loved Robots in Disguise, making use of DiaClone models not adapted (well, they where in the future) into the toyline.  The figures where weak compared to some of the bigger Transformers, though they focused on the smaller figures like in the TF line (think the size of original SeaSpray and the likes), and they where cheaper when I was a kid.  Yes, I had quite a few of them, and some, like the top hat wearing limousine, where firm favorites of mine, looking even better then the Transformers, though that was more exception then rule.

But the movie, well, that ranks amongst the weaker toys as well: a hotch potch of badly connected plot points and crappy dialogue.

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