dinsdag 9 mei 2017

Charge of the Irish Brigade: WiP 2

In what will become known as `the last MOC I ever build`, I did some progress on the Fredericksburg build the past month.

The wall was completed last time, but here is a view from the Confederate position...

I worked and finished the whole grassy hill running up to the wall, including detailing and levelling it with the waterside of the creek. 

Now the next part I am working on will be the treeline from where the Union, crossing the creek by the walking planks, will be starting the assault.  To this end, I'll be mixing thincker and smaller trees, the thick ones based on 2x2 round elements with a Technic axle for central support, the smaller ones based around "wizard stave's".

The complete Confederate force, that will protect the wall, are completed already, so Cobbs regiment of... irishmen is ready to defend the position against the 69th New York.

Next time, I hope to have finished the whole forest side of the build, I still have time until the 4th of november when it has to be completed...

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