zondag 28 mei 2017

SAGA Irish Warband starter box painted

The first painting "goal" of the new start has been achieved, as I finished my SAGA starter Irish box yesterday.

This set, by Gripping Beast, grants you 25 models, and good for 4 points in the SAGA gamesystem, though of course I`ll be using them in a variety of game systems, as they are just that, dark age era Irish.

Now, said Fianna where once again painted in mostly mudded and earthly colours, but with some blues and such tossed in infrequently to better represent their higher status.

And that completes the full warband now, and they stand ready to march to war:

Now, the intricate weakness of the Irish is their general lack of armour, and in SAGA that makes them VERY vulnerable to enemy missile fire.  If you play in tournaments or tournament set up style tables, cover will be very limited and huge open spaces are probably predominant, so that is NOT a good position to be in.

To that end, I`ll be expanding the warband with it's two final points (6 seems to be the playing standard) with numbers over quality.  An additional unit of Bonnacht's and one of Kern's are on the shopping list now, giving me not only 20 additional figures, but some limited counter ranged attacks as well.

Worst case, they have to become "shields" then to get the better quality units into contact, though my main battle plan will probably revolve around trying to get the wardogs into enemy missile fire troops to disturb them...

I'll make sure to tell about the trashing defeats in the future!

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