maandag 15 mei 2017

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone MOC

The latest completed MOC I made, this one was actually build about 2 months ago, but it just took this long before I've gotten around making pictures.

The build, a display based around the three sets of the first movie, was made for the 2017 geeky con season, but well, then "that" happened so it`ll be on display in the living room instead for the rest of it's days.

Because the GF would kill me if I took down anything Potterverse, let alone part with the sets... so that is one of the few things that will be surviving the big clear-out of my bricks and pieces.

I went for a sort of towery build, to follow a bit the trail the heroes took in the movies.  Now, in hindsight I should have made the side walls 2 thick instead of 1, but as it won`t be transported around I can get away with that...

The pieces where engraved by Mijn Blokje, while the tiles are from the Hogwart's Castle, I got about two dozen of those tiles through Brick Link the past years.

The top level is the one where they discover the secret entryway and be tested to reach the stone.  It`s guarded by the huge three headed dog Fluffy, and by playing the flute they can get past him.

Another test the heroes have to pass is to get through some flesh eating plants.  I included an interpretation of the Quidditch at the front of the build to break up the gray colour scheme and fill up the "border" between top and bottom level.

Ron is ready to face the chess game challenge!

Harry needs to get past the Chamber of the Winged Keys in order to proceed.

The final confrontation, as poor professor Quirrel has been possessed by Voldemort himself, who is also trying to get his hands on the Philosopher's Stone, and a duel ensues.

I also tried to incorporate the Harry Potter logo in the floor, again to break up the gray, and because well, I thought it was fun :-)

I hope you like it!

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