zaterdag 27 mei 2017

SAGA Bonnachts

As I was watching a heap of movies while painting earlier this week (huzzah for multi-tasking), that means of course I got a couple of figures finished.

The first of the two remaining units I finsihed from my SAGA starter was the Bonnachts, or "regular warriors" for the force.

This unit numbers 8 warriors, primarily armed with javelins and I went for rather simple shield designs, keeping most of the more decorated shields for the Fianna. 

The occasional hand weapon was added in the mix for some variety, but the biggest difference with the hearthguard is the total lack of armour on these blokes, as the Irish had poor access to this.

Next up is the last unit of Fianna, who I just need to base and varnish, and the starterbox will be completed, making it just a case of thinking on how to expand the warband to the 6 point "battle ready" level.

Which, knowing me, will be more in the direction of Zhukov's famous "quantity is a quality in itself" and foregoing the more elite and flashy units like the heroes and all. 

Those will be for the general Dark Ages expansioning afterwards...

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