woensdag 17 mei 2017

The walking Dead season 3

Slowly, very slowly, I`m catching up, as I`ve finally gotten around to the third season of The Walking Dead.

Now, I`ve read the comics, so I had a general idea of what to expect... but nevertheless there where some BIG suprises in this series (especially in the final 15 minutes!!!)

The series takes places a couple of months after the group, led by little dictator Rick (really, if he and his group would just mind their own business, they would have a simpler life and less dead people) finds an abandoned prison.

But a few miles further, a man called The Governor is running the community of Woodbury, where all is seemingly peace and quiet, until they pick up Andrea and her new friend Michonne.  The Governor is trying to seek to "re-turn" Walkers, as his daughter is a walker and being caged by him.  But when Michonne kills her (again?) The Governor goes through the roof and trouble begins.

We also learn the fate of Merle, who is now a lieutenant of The Governor, and we revisit Rick`s hometown where we learn what became of Morgan, the very first survivor Rick met all the way back to the beginning of the series.

It was a hard season, and as I said it did have some big twists compared to the comics.  There is the death of Andrea, who in the books is still alive AND the love intrest of Rick.  And the Prisoners, a group that was locked in the cafetaria of the said jail, played a smaller part (and less cruel) then in the comics.

Again an enjoyable watch, though I still don`t "get" how some people are going over the top on this series, but then again, they'll say the same about me and my series of choice in all probability.

Ow, and I still think Rick is the real villain in the series!

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