zaterdag 6 mei 2017

TSA Clubnight 5th of May 2017

Yesterday I went to the TSA clubhouse for another night of talkies and watchies, and there was some cool stuff going on.

I took some snapshots again this time round, so here they are.  Intrested and nearby, feel free to drop in on friday nights!

Today the club is also open as a huge 40k battle will be taking place, and my Nemesis took advantage of this to go and play a game against Albert.  The table will host two forces of 10.000 points each, battling it out with Future War Commander, the Andrayada taking on the Red Guard.

Remember how I told you last week that apparently my 6mm scenery was still over there?  Well, about half the houses on the table are actually mone from my previous stint, and there seem to be still some boxes left.

Even a little house painted by Nemesis's daughter is on the table.

But also the awesome river that Nemesis made.

Sadly enough, not every model will be painted though...

Now, the Big Battle I began with had it`s terrain already set up.  I`m neither participating nor present today, but I can give a peek at the table they will be battling on, as Jo and his team set the scenery up last night.

A large Napoleonic battle was taking place as well.

Talking large and Napoleonics, using the Song of Drums and Shako`s rules, a 54mm skirmish was being played.

More Napoleonics, but at the other end of the scale spectrum, with these 2mm (!!!!) forces.  And they even had handpainted Union Jacks.

Contrary to last week, now there was GW activity, as Tau took on Chaos in a 40k battle.

In the meantime, some americans tried to make a landing against german forces in a Bolt Action game.

The Cardassians took on Starfleet in a game of Starfleet Battles.

And the Aztecs continued defending their temples against the spaniards, continuing from last week.

A Frostgrave game was in full swing, part of an ongoing campaign.

Some board games where also present this evening:

Finally, Johan had brought along a ship to show for use in a future game: 

The Loot:

Wait, loot?  Yes, every now and then someone brings along old figures he doesn`t want to play with anymore to reduce Lead Mountain, and I had a look at his old Games Workshop figures.  He carried a unit of metal Cult of Ulric figures, one of the regiments I missed out on during my hiatus.  At 1 euro per metal figure, I couldn`t resist and shelved down a 10er for a unit of 10 of the models to include in my Grand Alliance Order.

And that`s it once again, a visit to the TSA clubhouse.  I`ll probably won`t be able to attend anymore weekly meetings during may, but when I go back, you can count on seeing the pictures right here :-)

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