dinsdag 23 mei 2017

Thunderbirds are Go season 2

Sunday I finally got my hands on the second season of this awesome remake of the classic series, in all it's glorious CGI and WETA modelling.

And I steamed through the 13 episodes like a train, yes, I love this non-violent action series.

In this second season, our heroes of International Rescue face off against the mysterious Mechanic, in league with the imprisoned The Hood.  he proves a serious adversary, as he puts no less then three Thunderbirds out of (temporary) comission, namely 1, 2 and 4.

The focus of the series lies this time not on Scott and Virgil (for example, after episode 1, TB1 doesn`t launch before the 7th episode again), but more on the other three pilots, Alan, Gordon and John, as well as on Kayo who steps up a lot this season after the short stint of Thunderbird Shadow last season.  Yes, even Thunderbird 5 actually goes on a rescue.

The series is full of easter eggs, like the rediscovery of the old hats from the marionation era ("I can`t believe we used to wear these" - Gordon Tracy), but also to the more fun side characters of the first season (Ned and Gladys, Captain Taylor, ... ).

It was a fun trip once again, and I for one am looking forward for season 3!

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