donderdag 29 januari 2015

Avengers Helicarrier

She has been revealed, perhaps one of the most anticipated Lego sets of the past years... and the one I have actually quit smoking for to make a lot more brick budget available (but that is for a later post, it`s only day 2 so far but no problems at all).

The mighty Helicarrier, ever since it was easter egged in the Ideas logo when the Birds set came out...

And it is a beast indeed.  Expected to cost 350 USD (should be about 300 euros), it comes with 5 minifigs (Fury, Hill, Hawkeye, Widow and Cap), but also a lot of Microfigures (those small ones often used as oscars and such)... in colours, and with faces!!!

As soon as this set goes `live` for the VIP members early access, I`m ordering!

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