vrijdag 30 januari 2015

Work-in-Progress: Weathertop part 1

The die is cast and the choice has been made, after Lake Town, the next display I`m going to attempt to build will be Weathertop.

Standing on a smaller baseplate as this is the only set in the `location` for the Tolkien range, the baseplate has been build up now.

The general idea is to recreate the clifftop on which the ancient ruined tower stands, as seen her by the movie still.

Next time, I`m going to try and figure out a way to connect the rounded walls on plated bases to be able to build the cliff beneath it, but the key words for me in BrickLink searches the coming weeks and months will be `light grey` and `slope` I fear, as I estimate this all rather part intensive, and still have to figure out exactly how high I`m going to try and make the cliff...

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