donderdag 22 januari 2015

Bain exclusive minifig

This will probably be the final thing ever to come out for Lego Tolkien, as the waves have come to an end and the range will be gradually harder to find.

The Bain minifig is an exclusive release that will come with the Target (an american chain) BluRay pack of the final movie, Battle of the Five Armies.

Sporting a different outfit then the previous incarnations, it is perhaps a bit odd they went for this minor role character, but never the less he is going on the `to get` list.

Which for me will definitly mean in time Brick Link`ing him, and then place him of course on the Lake-Town Display...

The Bard figure is the exact same as the current one though, so he will go in the stash for MOC builds.  That way, the set (unknowingly) came full circle, the first movie also including a loose minifig exclusive with Bilbo, and the second a general available polybag with Legolas...

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