vrijdag 9 januari 2015

MELO Qualifier Result

The past night, the results for the qualifier round of the Middle Earth Lego Olympics have been released on MOCPages, and as expected, I fell off by the wayside.

But I`m actually quite positive about it, as it wasn`t by that big a margin!

In total, 73 entries had been registred, meaning no less then 41 would fall off as only the top 32 went on to participate in the 5 rounds of building madness, and truth to be said, I doubt I would even have made all those deadlines and such as it is a very short timespan then between each round.

My microscale build of Into the West managed to obtain the 43th place in the end, scoring me 37 out of 60 points, while number 32 had qualified with 42 points.  So all in all, a 5 point margin isn`t that big a difference, and I`m personally happy I managed to break the 50% of the total score mark. 

Not to shabby for 1. building in a scale I had never done before and 2. considering the far more bigger and impressive builds around there whom I somehow managed to sneak past in the rankings.

Sure has been a nice bumpy uppy for the confidence ;-)

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