woensdag 28 januari 2015

Work-in-Progress: The Mitgardian Army part 3

After a month, it seems time to do a small update on the forces of the Village of Merak.  

Quite a few models have been put together as I could score a good amount of trades on Miniature Trading, mostly liquidating my Simpsons series ones for the regular troopers.  

Add to that a side dish of Facebook groups and sparkle with some BrickLink, and two more regiments stand raised, bringing the force now to 2/3ths completion.  I just need to remember to finally start sorting out all those viking torsos from the Kingdom series years ago and raise my main regiment further.

This update sees amongst the odd figure left and right, the completion of two more regiments.  The first is The Wulfen, a regiment of the fearsome wolf-men living near the edge of the Clan of the Wolf lands in the North.

The second is the regiment of Ironborn Dwarves, mighty warriors living under the northern mountain ranges of Mitgardia.

Merak in the meantime has also been mapped (aka, added to the old GoH Northern map, as it was updated recently - currently there are about half a dozen more settlements, cities and the likes on top of the ones shown here.  As soon as the definitive map is done and everyone that wanted to contribute on the GoH forum has done so, I`ll be sharing the whole thing, but this might take *some* time hehe.

Like searching for my viking torsos...

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