zaterdag 3 januari 2015

The Plan episode 46

Even in the new year, we bravely soldier on in our efforts to obtain all achievement points in the Lego MMO, Minifigures Online.

Considering I lost the first half of the week due to personal issues, I never the less have tried to take advantage of the extra stars for as much as possible still to go forth and upgrade as many figures to their current maximum as possible.

And this has resulted in my very first Mastered minifig, as I had a good Lost Creations run.  Now, the Alien Avenger stands proudly with his golden shine...

Next, I got two brave troopers of mine to get all their skills unlocked, namely the Barbarian and the Aztec Warrior, though the last one grants no achievement points (for now?) as they start from series 9 onwards.

In the series of getting others to at least Legendary status, the ranks where swollen by a few brave soldiers, namely the Battle Godess, Librarian, Pizza Delivery Man and Battle Mech, the last of those getting close to Mastery as well as I only need to do his big smashies and the middle Lost Creations achievement to get his score totalled.

I fear though that for the next time, there won`t be that much to report unless I get the phone call that S13 is available at my toy store this week.  i`m currently grinding with mainly strikers to score their 10.000 defeated opponents, but at a rate of about 200 - 300 opponents in a world, this takes `some` time you see.

And I`ve been bashing the PS buttons anew to try and get all those shiny platinums out there ;-)

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