woensdag 21 januari 2015

Lego LOTR Displays: What is next?

With the Lake-Town display finished last week, I must confess I really enjoyed building that sort of display bases for official sets.

And so I went in and made my order at Mijn Blokje for all the future projects planned, and they dropped into my mailbox a few days ago.

So here they are, all the engraved bricks for the projects lined up for the coming YEARS (those things, being rather time and part intensive, something I kind of am limited in both). 

And yeah, I have already been thinking in the back of my mind of getting some for non Lord of the Rings sets as well, byt that is something I`ll look into at Brick Mania Antwerp in far away november ;-)

No, the first one that will be turned in a project is going to be Amon Sul, or Weathertop, for which I`m going to try and make it look like this:

The high rocky and steep cliff from The Fellowship of the Ring, with green and light greys mixed into the base.

Considering I have a lot to build lined up first for the Age of Mitgardia builds, I doubt it`ll be ready anytime soon, but the projected deadline I set myself for this is July.

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