vrijdag 23 januari 2015

Starting Tonight: Kokeneten, a new cooking column

Starting tonight, I`m going to be putting down an all new, totally unexpected angle column down here on my personal corner of the internet.

A cooking column... 'Kokeneten Spelen' is actually an antwerp dialect term that would literally translate as `Playing Cooking Food`, but that is used here when someones says he is going to get into the kitchen and start preparing dinner.

Now, most people probably think my life is spend clicking together building bricks and watching all kinds of movies and series whenever I`m not playing videogames, but there is actually more then meets the eye, and some things people wouldn`t be expecting at all from Von Geekington

FACT 1: I wanted to go to cooking school when in high school, but wasn`t allowed to.  One of the first things I actually did when I was out of school, is get a certified degree for the kitchen, though I never actually made a career out of it, and probably never will.  Okay, unless I win the Euromillions and can start a hostel / lodge somewhere with a nice climate.

FACT 2: The knee is gone.  On the picture below, we see the USS Enterprise entering drydock for a monthlong refit and repair session.  I got this supporting brace yesterday, and the doctor`s orders to keep it calm and rest a lot.  I can`t even rest for 2 days when I got a flu, let alone the prospect of sitting down for months on end, so I need something to occupy myself with that is not to fysically taxing on the knee.
Enter my old passion for the cooking pots.  Now, I`ll be having the time to calmly spend all day in there, doing something, take a rest, do the next thing etc etc...

FACT 3: I really, really HATE recipies.  Guess that`s why I`m mainly a MOCcer as well. I own (and enjoy) a lot of cooking books (Jamie`s Italy being my absolute favorite), but I`ll never be able to make something from a recipy.  i read it, I think about it, I twist it.  And the estimated times in recipies do tend to be off WAY to often, as the material of the all day household, starting with the cooking fire for one (on gas, electric, etc) often differs a lot with the professional equipment the creators use.
So when I post something, I`ll be telling the main things in it, and about how long it took, but don`t expect true printable recipies though...

The Idea

The column will not be daily, but will be getting a post whenever I`m on `cooking duty`.  Which is basically whenever we`re not out eating with family or at a restaurant and such. 

I have a difficult audience here, neither the Smurf nor the GF are lovers of the fresh cuisine, especcially on the veggie department (okay, I often reference to them as `culinairy barbarians`) and are reluctant to try anything out of the comfort zone (for example, the 3 YEARS we`re often visiting the local italian restaurant, they both take the same dish each... time after time after time.  I think I went down almost their whole menu by now).

No more!  I will teach them to eat unknown and new things, and I made the agreement with the GF (and just told the Smurf, he is 9 years old and unless he starts cooking himself, has no say in what we eat or it would be spagbol, french fries and carrots every day) that I would not be telling what is actually for dinner until they are all finished and grads are given.

Wait, grades?

Well, sort off.  Every time I put something down here, I`ll be including a Labour Rating, which is how much I enjoyed making it, as well as Appreciation Ratings by the GF and, if he is with us, the Smurf.  These based on how much they like it.

But first things first, this weekend I`m redecorating the whole kitchen to MY tastes and MY ease of use... so that`ll be war hehehe....

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  1. Look forward to it!

    My food blog is here

  2. That `what is english breakfast` post is great... though some look pretty damn scary (like the SF one)