donderdag 22 januari 2015

Building the Batwing

The Batwing, iconic plane of the Dark Knight himself, and for this week, I`m tackling it`s polybag mini version.

Now, I promise I`ll be reporting on a bigger set next week, but today I went to collect my new life companion for the coming half year to a year: a fortifying brace for the smashed knee, so let`s just say I hadn`t had my head wrapped around blogging earlier.

Set 30301 is one of the heap of polybags I told you about last week, that I scored cheaply to use just for the bricks.  But of course, one always at least builds it once before sorting it into the relevant colour boxes ;-)

The package contains the pile of bricks and the instruction booklet, like the Jedi fighter, if you get it cheap, it`s worth it.  The black wings and bows are for me the top elements for recycling in this set.

At the base of the little plane lies this 2x8 grey plate.

The wings themselves are pretty straightforward, and after a mirrored build, they get connected onto the grey plate and secured by more black wingy pieces.

Black bow elements are then added to stregthen the connections and give the plane a more sleekish look.

The underside comes with the armaments, two flick finger missiles.

Only thing left to do is add on some details like the cockpit and the fiery exhaust (I actually love that `effect`) and one small Batwing is ready to be swooshed around!

And the obligatory extra pieces: modest but handy.

All in all, not a bad set, but that is because of the reduction I received.  I doubt I would buy it at it`s full 4.00 euro RRP in the stores though, as the colours and `top elements` are not THAT superb (compared to for example last weeks jedi fighter polybag).

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