vrijdag 23 januari 2015

Koken Eten: Chicken Provencale

I always think back at the words of my chef in cooking school when I make this.  In order to fail at making the Provencale, you need to be a moron.  A blind one.  With amputated fingers...

Needless to say, he thinks it's the biggest hoax in classic french cuisine, as it is basically nothing more then some chopped up vegetables in a tomato sauce, poured over whatever you want to go with it.

But it is also quite an easy dish, and with the GF not quite sure when she would be returning, one that is easily put aside.  The longer the veggies and sauce can stew, the better the taste becomes.

Here are the main, but not all, ingredients that go in it: paprika`s in all colours, chicken filets and an aubergine, as well as canned tomato pieces.  Unless you live in Italy or Spain, it`s way better to grab cans then `fresh` glass bred tomatoes.

All in all, my chopped up vegetables have been stewing on the lowest stand of the furnace for about 4.5 hours.  Now considering you have tomatoes, basil, salt, pepper, paprikas, onion, garlic and laurel, this can create a pretty sharp taste.


I toss in some cubes of white sugar in the sauce, to break down the sharpness a little.

The next part is to put the chicken breasts in the pan.  I bake them in olive oil, preferring it for this dish over butter.  You see, I only bake them until the exterior gets a golden glow, in nothing more then some chicken spices and salt.

Once that is achieved, I put them in an electric tablesize oven, set to only radiate heat from the top, at two times 10 minutes at only 150 degrees.  This makes the chicken nicely white on the inside, while not drying it out as the oven is to hot.

As you see, the chicken is a perfect white on the inside, and the only thing remaining is to put the vegetable sauce over it. 

Best served with some fries (we live above a `frituur`, something typically belgian, so hard to explain, best is to google it) and you have a nice and easy dish, which gets only better the longer you can let the sauce stew so the tastes mingle.  And you only need to be able to chop up some vegetables in cubes...

Labour Rating: 1 
GF Appreciation Rating: between 7 and 7.5

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