zaterdag 10 januari 2015

The Plan episode 47

What a pity this week... Winter Pass, the seasonal event has ended, and that means no more extra stars after the update from past wednesday.

On the plus side, it does seem the daily freebie remains on the log in screen, so at least that counts for something hehe.

This week, I managed to get three minifigures raised at least to their Legend status and accompanying green glow, two by unlocking their 7th skill, one by defeating 10.000 opponents.  I still have a LOT of figures to go this way, but slow and steady we`re getting there, this weak aiming at getting at least two more to this status.

In the meantime, the counter of completed achievements stands at 48.90%, meaning I`d need to score about 660 points to get to the halfway mark, and considering the first rumours of series 14 are already popping up (apparently, a Halloween inspired Monster theme, that would be cool if it goes through), AND my Series 13 hasn`t shown up yet at my local toy store (so I guess I better give them a ring somewhere this week) meaning I`m currently not grinding them, I still have a lot to go...

Oh well, we`ll see how it runs, as slowly we build on to get the whole shabang sorted out ;-)

Until next week, in which we hope to have at least two more to their Legend status :-D

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