zondag 4 januari 2015

Lego superheroes I`d love to see

One of the regular `pop ups` in topics on Eurobricks and the likes this time of the year, is the genre of "I'd like to see..."

You know, those kind of threads where people dream up of what they really would love to see released by Lego in the future.  And since we now have a Green Lantern at last, who knows what the future will hold in store.

Personally on the superhero level, there are quit a few I`d love to see making their appearance.  I know some of them are available from third parties, and there is a chinese knock off company that makes a lot of other heroes then Lego has in it`s ranges, but I mean real official, licensed minifigures.

Now, given the fact there will probably never will be a Collectible Minifigures series for either Marvel or DC (it`s a license thing apparently), I know chances are rather slim on a heap of them, but we did get to see them in the various Lego videogames.

On a Marvel comics level, this is my top-3 of figures I`d love to get one day:

1. Captain Britain - yeah yeah, I know, this guy is currently so far B-list that we`ll probably never will see a minifig version of Brian Braddock, so I was kind of glad he played a main role in a heap of sidequests in the Marvel game.

2. Psylocke - in her asian form, purple ninja suit.  Has there ever been a more sexy female character in Marvel?  I think not...

3. Gambit - who doesn`t like the Ragin` Cajun?  And he is probably the most likely candidate of my Marvel wish list to ever make it in a set, depending on Age of Apocalypse.

On DC level, I actually for some reason feel like two out of three might become reality someday.  Don`t know why, but call it a sort of a gut feeling.

1. Harley Quinn - in her current day, less clownesque outfit as she appeared on the cover of her comic in november.  I`m rather certain that she will be showing up on the rumours radar once the Suicide Squad movie hits the theatres in 2016...

2. Zatanna - the sexy sorceress, I like her burlesque look with the top hat, and with her, I don`t know why and it isn`t even a rumour from a source, but I have this nagging feeling that within 3 years, she is going to be included in some Exclusives set.

3. Booster Gold - another highly unlikely fellow to ever appear, I really think he is one of the coolest DC characters out there.

And that`s it, the 3 most `wanted` characters by your author from the comics line Lego has in it`s wallet.  At least, 2015 is looking to be a fresh start for at least the DC sets, as we don`t get to much recycling of minifigures and a batch of new ones have been included.  Marvel Ultron so far, being based on the Avengers movie coming out in May, has fewer new faces though (but we do get Vision) in the line up, but we can expect some more if the rumours are believed in the second half of the year (Ant-Man, the villains set etc...) so it is definitly going to be a good year for caped crusaders and clawed berserker fans!

Well, a geek can only dream after all, now can he ;-)

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