zaterdag 31 januari 2015

The Plan episode 50

Perhaps the headliner this week is that I grabbed some s13 bags, and had a few characters to add to my collection as such: The Evil Wizard, Classic King and Goblin are now part of my collection.

Now, all in all, it was another calm week in playtime, meaning I didn`t get that much to Legendary status at all.

In fact, the only minifigure that has achieved this status for now is the Constable.  Yes, I know, a low ratio but a character is a character, and now I have 3 fresh ones to rake in some additional achievement points during the coming week.

My goal for the next days is another modest one, trying to get the `basic` achievements sorted with the newest additions, and HOPEFULLY that will also be enough to get one or two of the minifigures to their Legendary status, though that is something I can`t promise.

I`m namely trying to get at least all of Series 9 already to `pre Lost Creations achievements completion, before thundering in there again to get some more points on the list completed...

A hard and grinding job for sure, but I`m going to be completing my figures the coming week as well for series 12 as I`m going to sort through the loose flyers I have for them, so that should yield at least a lot of new characters for the coming weeks!

See you all then!

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