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Justice League: Throne of Atlantis review

The first 2015 release movie I`ve watched this year, this is the newest animation movie from the DC comics stables.

Detailing the origins of Aquaman, I found it actually better then a heap of superhero movies from the past, and of course Green Lantern rules all ;-)

His swagger, his humour... he even sounds like Captain Mal from Firefly!

Oh wait ;-)


When a submarine of the US Navy gets captured in the oceans after an attack by unknown `people ` and the whole crew massacred, the Justice league member Cyborg responds to investigate the cause of the mysterious attack, but he is attacked himself though he gets away.

Meanwhile in Athens, Supermand and Wonder Woman are enjoying the view, finding life as heroes rather lonesome.  In a bar, a strange guy is talking to a lobster in an aquarium.  When another patron wants the beast for dinner, a huge bar fight ensues as he saves the beast and returns it to the ocean.

After the attack, Cyborg contacts the other members of the League, which in his opinion doesn`t really exist to begin with.  Only Sha-Zam and The Flash answer his call...  and the latter get`s Hal on board as well.  Sha-zam and Cyborg go to collect Clark and Diana, who are enjoying a dinner, while Green Lantern tries to get `the bat`.  He solves a car chase Batman was conducting... and ruins the investigation`s bigger picture that way by his show off attitude.

They find out it are warriors from Atlantis, a mythical people of a fabled land long gone.  In Atlantis, it`s revealed that the ruling queen hopes that Arthur Curry, the odd guy from the bar earlier, returns to his people and take up the mantle of leadership, as he is the son of the Atlantean queen and a human lighthouse watcher.  But it is Black Manta actually pulling the strings behind the curtains, manipulating the prince Orm and all to unleash war upon the surface.

He plays out both sides against each other, and Arthur is about to be overcome when royal bodyguard Mira intervenes.  Queen Atlantea knows Black Manta and prince Orm placed the coup, but is killed by her son when she is about to reveal this.  Arthur, Mira, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Superman and Wonder Woman arrive in Atlantis, they find the deceased queen and Atlantis is preparing for war.  Orm meets them and confesses to killing her, before overcoming them all and tossing them into The Dark Trench.  Arthur breaks free, and together with Superman overcomes the monsters down there.

Orm sends a massive tidal wave onto Metropolis to cover the advance of his army and starts his assault on land.  The League moves in defence though, and as Aquaman faces of Black Manta, he defeats them Jaws style...  Orm using the Atlantean trident manages to hold them at bay, until only Aquaman and Batman are still standing, but as Aquaman is about to be defeated by his half brother, Batman reveals the truth of the confession who abandon the war and their prince, and taking on Aquaman as their rightful ruler.


A highly enjoyable animated movie, and of course the timing is `just that` to get the general public into the Aquaman mythos as they have to start building a hype around him for his solo movie in two years.

It did take a few moments of watching after all the anime I look at before i got `re-used to` the western drawing style, but the characters are well done as you see them in the comics, Hal being his cocky self for one (even fighting by creating a huge vacuum cleaning mech).  The one oddity though is when the never known Atlanteans attack Metropolis, the army general immediatly knows who their leader is... by name even.

All in all though, Aquaman remains an often ridiculed hero, and to be honest, I`m more in the Namor the Sub-mariner camp myself as well...

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