vrijdag 16 januari 2015

Brick Tricks Tielt - 7th and 8th of February

A new year, so a new cycle of LEGO events is upon us, even in this small backwater country of Belgium.

Though 2015 promises to be a very bricky year though, with no less then 5 BeLUG Brick Mania`s on the calendar, but I`ll be posting about those when the time is relevant.

The first event to kick off the year is Brick Tricks, taking place in Tielt.  This is in the province of West Flanders, in between the triangle Ghent, Bruges and Courtrai, on the weekend of the 7th and the 8th of february.

I never been to this event, though I might be checking out the train schedule and connectivity, and if it`s doable and not to expensive might make the trip for a looksie around.

For more information, all click through links are on the BeLUG homepage, found here.

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