woensdag 28 januari 2015

Koken Eten: Bacon and Taters

Today a nice and simple dish at Casa Von Geekington, as I had a busy past two days, and some very special things lined up for tomorrow and the day after.  And I`ve quit smoking since yesterday, so I had no idea how I would be running around today - perfectly fine actually, seems the mental clique of spending the money saved by that in big Lego boxes works better then `for my health` as motivation...

So I made my own variation today of `the lazy dish`.  You know, that one pan thing where you toss some potatoes, bacon and whotnot`s in a pan and that is it.

I went to the market this morning because I love strolling (or in my case, limping) around on it, and got me some fresh cream, some nice thick slices of bacon (well, spek actually, here bacon is very thin and smoked spek), and voila.

I cooked up some potatoes half ready, then sliced them.  The bacon was baked unil pink and soft (not further until it gets crispy, or you will be munching some very dry stuff), and some sjalots where tossed in near the end to glaze over slightly.

I then decided to cut up an apple and add it to the pan at the very last moment, for the simple reason I saw I still had some in the fridge and no real plans with them anytime soon.

The next step is to take a small round serving pot, put down a layer of potatoes, then the bacon micture and then another layer of potatoes. 
Gently pour over some of the fresh cream right until it touches the bacon layer, and put it all in the over for about half an hour at around 150 degrees.

And that is it, the lazy dish my style... same ingredients, perhaps only a slightly bit more work, and the cream and apple ofsets the bacon and potatoes, giving a mixture between heavy and fresh on the taste palette.

Labour Rating: 0 - it`s called a lazy dish for a reason...
Girlfriend Rating: She liked it, but for her it would have been better with a fatter sauce like bechamel.

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