donderdag 1 januari 2015

Building the Mirkwood Elf

Happy New Year everyone, and may 2015 bring you all good health, great times and all the bricks you can wish for!

The very first post for this year is a small build report, as from now on will be posted every thursday to put some more structure in the blog and it`s regular features, so let`s kick off the year with a small set, the 30212 Mirkwood Elf Guard.

This is a promotional polybag from the second wave of The Hobbit, and a great army builder for any budding general wanting to release it`s inner Thranduil.  You can rather easily find these overhere in supermarket chains like Carrefour for a few euros lately, and it features of course an Elven minifigure, together with a tree and a barrel.

Opening the bag, we get our instruction sheet and the assorted parts.  Browns and greens, and some trans green elements, this has a nice selection of parts even.

The minifigure comes with bow and a dark green hood, and a very lovely torso design.

The base of the build is a 4x4 plate, and off we go to erect the tree from our small pile of builds.

A mushroom grows at the base of the tree, who branches off strongly in two directions.

Adding a leaf canopy the tree is ready, though I would have personal doubts of attaching a torch to the bark of one myself ;-)

Add in a barrel with a glass to create the effect of supplies (read the book, it`s not in the movie to get what I`m talking about) and the set stands completed.

All in all, it`s actually a pretty good promo set, and just like the Lake-Town Guard one probably one of the better polybags of the last years in my opinion.  So if you can snatch these up cheaply, don`t hesitate!

Next thursday we`ll be back, and since I`ve been lately been building almost all the sets and polybags I still had lying around, I got a lot of material... but still, next week it will be with something I obtained as recent as yesterday:

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