maandag 5 januari 2015

Inspirational Lego 1: Working away the first part of the backlog

The first monday of the year, and as noted in the `announcements`, this also means the first of the now regularly, weekly updates of awesome builds I bumbled along on the internet.

While the first few episodes will be mainly about working away a backlog of the last weeks to months, slowly but steadily we will be catching up and be able to bring real weekly jaw droppers or other inspiring builds of intrest.

The first build is this Fokker of the Red Baron, a kit orderable (see the pic for adress and such).  A plane of imagination and a well known sight for those intrested in military history.

Talking about well known, 50 Shades of Grey is a sort of female soft BDSM novel series that spawned a whole genre.  I know because my GF reads those, but don`t ask me what or how because I got bored around page 20 and never read another page in that genre of books.  This build though is rather excellent!

The Normandy is one of those fast rising, iconic spaceships of late, being the main vessel from the excellent Mass Effect game series.

And talking iconic ships, I might be crying out in the dark, not to mention the gap in years in the meantime, but bring back Firefly ;-)

Abrakadabra... this magicians show, included sawn through `victim`, is a great piece.

Another great build is this Indiana Jones moc, full of nice details and great desert landscaping, it looks straight out of the movies.

Mount Olympus also looks straight of the movies... but more Percy Jackson then Indiana Jones though.  I love how the rock is build up, and especially how the clouds are build around the top to make the transition from rock to temple.

This week, we end with a micro scale build that could have come straight out of the Architecture line, with this excellent Notre Dame in Paris.  Great detailing!

And so we end the first of the more regular updates of Inspirational Lego.  It definitly inspired myself and hopefully sets out a lot of you to build this kind of nice things, so have a blast!

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