donderdag 15 januari 2015

Building Anakin`s Fighter

For this week`s build report, I cracked open one of the many polybags I had still lying around from last year.

This is a small scale version of Anakin`s Jedi Interceptor, code 30244, and comes with a nice selection of dark green parts (which is basically why I cleared out the local supermarket who had them lying in a corner somewhere) and grey elements, both always handy for a fantasy medieval builder.

Opening the bag, we get the pile of elements, as well as the instruction sheet for this nice little spaceship.

The core of the ship is the engine block, whose exhausts are made by round, flat light blue elements.

The cockpit is added then, using the flat transparent dish for the frontside.

Next up are the wings, which also make up the bulk of the vessel.  Flaps are added for the moveable wing tips.

This build is then mirrored for the other side.

Once we connect the wings to the main body, we now have a nice little ship.  It has slightly moveable main wings, but all in all it`s an easy, nice little build.

Nothing to spectacular being only a small polybag set, but at the miniscule price I paid for them, this is a good buy and something even the youngest Star Wars fan can easily put together.

The left over pieces are only 2, but it does add an extra flat round trans light blue to the mix :-)

Next week I`m going to normally tackle another polybag promotion, but after that, we`re moving to something bigger (yeah, I already got all the reports planned out until april at the moment, I had `some` things to put together at the end of 2014...)

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