woensdag 7 januari 2015

Platinum: Lego Batman 3 - Beyond Gotham (Vita)

The first of the remaining Lego games, which I vowed to try and platinum all during 2015, has been succesfully rounded off.

Batman 3 is the same as the 3DS game, and a `toned down` version of the Playstation game.  Though the storyline is the same and comes with the same in between level movies, the whole gameplay is different.

It has improvements over the previous incarnations of the `challenge` games, a trend that started with the Marvel game and is now the regular going for the handheld games.  You have to do different challenges in each level, and complete those for gaining access to red bricks and characters.

The huge leap forward this game makes though is that there is no longer `instant death`, in that if your smashed, you no longer need to restart the level.

Also, we now get decent hubs, something already touched upon by Ninjago, but far more expanded and interactable now.

On the downside, there are only 5 instead of 10 challenges per level now.  Each chapter still consists of 3 levels, so like it`s bigger brother, you get 15 chapters, good for 45 levels of quick gameplay.

The storyline remains of course the same, starting with a Brainiac attack on Earth, before evolving in a campaign along all the Lantern worlds, something a Green Lantern lover like myself can only cheer for in joy!

It was an enjoyable game, and a not to hard grind wise platinum, but as with all Lego games, you will usually be playing each level 3 times on average.

And the character I used the most?  Weeellll...

Anyhow, that means one down, eight more games to platinuminise (or something like that...) before the tally goes up again with possible 2015 releases ;-)

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