woensdag 21 januari 2015

Guardians of the Galaxy review

The Marvel blockbuster of 2014, though this C-list team was unknown to most viewers unless they where comic readers (and even then...), for example my buddy Nemesis didn`t even know them.  But after having enjoyed the movie in the theatre, I could calmly watch the BluRay edition and make the review.

Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Raccoon and Groot took the box office as a storm dancing on Hooked on a Feeling.

And this also opened up another dimension of the Marvel Universe: outer space.


A young boy is witnessing his mom die back in 1988, before being snatched away by a spaceship captained by Yondu, to return him to his father.  Flash forward to the present, as the boy has now become the `legendary` outlaw and thief Star-Lord, who tries to steal an artifact of a long gone civilisation.  And he carries around his walkman!

Soon though, the warrior race known as the Kree arrive and want to claim the item for their own, and then we get one of the most realistic dialogues in the movie, which was very representant for the audience.  "I`m Star-Lord" "Who?".  He now works for Yondu, a junker lord of the Ravagers, someone he has a hate / trust relation with.  Ronan the Accusor (hello Thranduil) is after the item because it is one of the Infinity Stones.

With the help of Nebula (hellooooooo Amy Pond, rawr), the daughter of Thanos, they chase Star-Lord and he sends her sister Gamora after him to the planet Xandar, home of the Nova Corps.  They get caught however and tossed into jail with those that will become his team mates, and after the traditional Stan Lee cameo chatting up to a young woman.

They manage to escape the Kyln, the high security prison they where being held (and I need his prostethic leg!) to travel to a place called Knowhere to bring the stone to The Collector.  Drax tries to lure Ronan to the outpost to avenge his family, but this goes sour and they barely escape with the help of Yondu.  However, Ronan is now in possession of the stone and uses it to rival even Thanos in power, in order to wipe out the Xandarians.  They race to the planet and together with the corps try and defend the planet from extinction.

Star-Lord and his band infiltrate Ronan`s vessel to face him, causing it to crash land but he survives.  Star-Lord faces him... by means of a dance off.  As the Kree lord looks on in confussion, this proved to be nothing more then a distraction to steal the stone from him, and by banding together to temporarily harness the power, they destroy Ronan.

As their ship is repaired and their criminal records wiped, they set out for new adventures.  With Yondu on their tail, as the stone he tought Star-Lord gave him proved to be a fake...

Egg 1: A branch rocket saved from the fallen Groot starts dancing to the Jackson Five whenever Drax is looking away

Egg 2: The Collector has a drink with Howard the Duck, while a birthing pod looking a lot as that of Adam Warlock is seen hatched open.


Being a sucker for lesser known heroes and teams in the Marvel Universe (Excalibur, Alpha Flight...) and villains (Stiltman ftw!!!) this movie is not only fabulously on the special effects, it sets itself aside by the sheer humour in it!

Watch it, it`s some of the best that appeared in the movie theatres in 2014...

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