zondag 11 januari 2015

Work-in-Progress: Lake-Town part 5

Okay, this was quite a mind numbing part of the build.  The past sessions when I had time to work on the display base, I went to build the water using 1x1 round studs.

I like the watery effect that creates, as I`ve used it in a heap of MOCs before already, so armed with my stacks of clears, light blues and dark blues, I went to the job of putting them in place one by one...

This worked decently, and after a day, I had a lot of pieces in place.  But then i ran out of readily at hand light blues, leaving me with about 100 studs to be filled up still.

So now, I`m waiting for a small BrickLink order from the Netherlands to drop in the mailbox, as for the moment I`m not able to make the trip to the nearby Lego store. 

After rummaging through some old MOCs and build I am still sorting out and separating, I found some more, but in the end the tally of missing parts is down to 34 light blue studs to fill up the full baseplate.

I did spend my time for the rest though by drawing out some ideas of how the ruined parts are hopefully going to look (the grey plates already on the baseplate), so by the end of the month I hope I can present an update with the water all done, the icy pieces all made (though I suspect I`ll be ordering a heap of 1x1 flat white plates by then, I didn`t tally up yet how many I have available atm) and the ruins build up, leaving afterwards only the detailing to go.

On the side, when I was taking pictures, the sunlight fell on the studs and I rather liked the effect...

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