dinsdag 20 januari 2015

Shame Enthusiast

I finally bought my first `3rd party` custom printed minifigure, and okay, I admit he might be a bit `out of the normal Lego lines` looking.

Now you see, I`m not a purist at all like some.  But it just took a while before I started `discovering` those outside companies for the odd left or right puchase.

This mainly happened because of a Brick Forge order I did last month, discovering the 30 for 30 action thanks to the STUDS trading card inserts, and since then regularly visit their site for the small ordering of parts for my minifigs.

When scrolling around the internet, I found this guy from Citizen Bricks.  At 15 USD he was reasonably affordable for a custom figure.

Now don`t go thinking I`m running around with a leather cap and glittering undies in the weekends, he just looked like an AMAZING tongue in cheeck minifig to include once I start building a castle dungeon, and have him in there along the more regular inmates.

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