donderdag 29 januari 2015

Building the Comanche Camp

Okay, let`s face it, this little build is now paling with the Marvel Helicarrier official announcement an hour ago, and which drove me in a religious frenzy.  Okay, it`ll be costing me 350 EUR, but I`m a Magic player, I have a `few` binders of good stuff I break open every so often when I want something big (Black Pearl, Orthanc...) and for those that might know what I talk about, if anything REALLY big ever comes out (and we`re talking 4 digit prices) I have been playing that game (and keeping my rares) since day 1.  Or should that be day "9"...

But that is not relevant to today`s build, the 79107 Comache Camp, one of the sets from the The Lone Ranger ermmm range.

Just like Prince of Persia, the movie was, well let`s be polite, not that great.  And just like with the Prince of Persia range, this reflects on the Lego sets as they quickly tumbled in price and found their way to clearances and such.  Completely undeserved, both the Lone Ranger and Prince of Persia are actually a great range with excellent sets in it!

This set, one of the smaller in the range, hasn`t received that much love it seems here in Belgium, as I managed to pick up no less then 5 copies of it a few months ago for less then 10 euros a piece... and with some negotiating tactics, they even gave me some more discount on top of that to clear shelf space (okay, I had a lot of old Dino sets with me as well, but in the end, each of these 5 came down to 7.88 euros a set...)

The set itself contains two polybags of pieces, the booklet, two base plates and two plastic tent sails to create the tipi with.

Minifigure wise, we get The Lone Ranger and his sidekick Tonto (I just love that crow on the headpiece), as well as Red Knee, another great Indian minifig.

And a canoe.

The first build we do is a small weapons rack to go alongside the tipi.  Nothing spectacular or challenging here though.

Up next is the tent itself.  This starts with mirroring a build on the two small base plates.

Notice the excellent colour selection this set has, even those alone are worth every penny I paid for it.

Once both halves are done, they are connected using technic pins, and a campfire is added in the centre.

We then build the large poles around which the tent sail will be put.

Adding the sails, remember to `open` one side for the entrance.

The other part of the build is a large rocky formation with traps, which includes a pit full of scorpions.  Apart from the excellent colour selection, this set also contains a heap of small animals (scorpions, a fish, the crow from Tonto...) which are always usuable in a MoC somewhere.

The launcher is the first level of the rocks build.

This is then enclosed and the critters are put inside, ready to be tossed out of the pit if you push the handle.

The full set put together

And the additional pieces:

If you can grab this set in serious discounts, don`t hesitate for a moment, it comes full of very handy pieces in `the good colours` for most MoC landscaping, it has nice minifigures, and even by it`s own is a sweet little set to put on a shelf for display, a real top set from a real not so top movie!

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