zaterdag 10 januari 2015

The Discworld and Science Adventures reach review stage

The first two projects of 2015 have made the 10.000 needed supporters to enter into the review stage over at Lego Ideas, and I actually supported both to boot ;-)

Now, I guess when they should make it, I will no doubt be trying to get my hands on each of them...

The first one to reach the milestone this year, was the project by GlenBricker, The Discworld.

Based on the books of Terry Pratchett, the build contains the world turtle A`tuin, together with the 4 elephants carrying the flat errrm, disc world.  Considering I really love the books and the world (a pity the Smurf or the GF doesn`t want to read them), it would make a great piece for display :-)

The second set is created by Alatariel, the same creator that brought us the much sought after Research Institute of last year, in which female scientist have nice little vignettes.  This follow up contains an Archeologist, a Wildlife Biologist and a Geologist.

Personally, I like the Archeologist the most, but I can find a spot next to the other ones from the first `wave` without problems ;-)

Now let`s hope one or both makes the pass and become immortalised in the Ideas range!

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