zaterdag 17 januari 2015

The Plan episode 48

Another very productive week this time round in Minifigures Online, but unfortunatly it will also be the last one for now, unless my local toy store gives me a call this week to tell me Series 13 is in.

Because at the moment, I have reached legendary status on all the minifigures I could for now by just unlocking their seventh skill for 2500 starts each, all the others being far away from this and needing somewhere between 10.000 and 15.000 stars to reach this achievement.

But first things first, as through the use of a promotional code, I managed to get my hands on an additional minifigure, the Pirate Captain from Series 8.  A cool looking model, this does mean though he doesn`t have an achievements list (yet?) as (for now?) those start with the minifigs of series 9 upwards.

I did jump in the Lost Creations this week as well, but as long as I don`t get all the minifigs to their maximum, this is a very health potion draining experience at the moment.  Never the less, this has gotten the Fencer up to Legenday status as well.

So all this means I`m now just short of obtaining half of all the achievement points gainable, stranding this week at 49.90% of the total, and meaning I need to get about 2 or 3 achievements done to brake the mystical halfway barrier.

This is as such the goal to obtain for the coming week.  I`m going to try and grind or Lost Creation some more figures to their `green glow` status, in an effort to obtain the 50% barrier that way.  And oddly enough, that is going to be a long grind unless I finally get lucky and can get those blasted Legs parts for the Gingerbread Man, to get a boost in points and going onwards again.

Considering I`m currently running around with three builders (Mr Good and Evil, Chicken Suit Guy and the Plumber) to get them to the 1000 builds, but considering even the largest worlds only have about a dozen or so speedpads and waymarkers, I think I`m going to park near some build devices (there is a place in Mythological World where tthere are 4 builds close together) and grab a good book, reading and playing at the same time when I have an hour off or so to spend time.

Until next week!

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