zaterdag 24 januari 2015

The Plan episode 49

It has been a calm week on the gaming front, as it has been everything but calm outside of it.

But never the less, I managed to break the 50% barrier at last in my epic quest to score all the available achievements points...

This was mainly done by being able to add my second figure so far of Series 13 as I used my diamonds in game to get some boosters.  I got the Snake Charmer...

... and grinded him to the Legendary status the same day, he is quite a fun character to play with his long range and AoE abilities.

Joining him on the Legendary status was the Fairytale Princess, another handy ability character.

But that was basically about it the past week, as once the weekend had gone by, I just haven`t gotten around to get any sessions in, let alone being able to dedicately grind in the hopes of getting the missing Gingerbread Man legs.

The coming week doesn`t look like it will be any calmer though, so I`ll be glad to settle on the modest goal of just getting another one or two figures to their green glow achievement.

Until next week!

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